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Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 at 6 pm and 9 pm


Gallery Skrinja / Klub KMŠ

In the city of Maribor, the cultural student festival Štunf is coming, which will bring a great introduction of culture and urban arts into place. The festival will consist of several multicultural days that will offer cultural, sports, literary and linguistic events. Already at the opening dinner we will mix cultural borders.

At 6 pm, with the exhibition of young people’s products, which we won through the competition, we will engage in the Japanese poetic form of haiku and comic art. To make everything even more interesting, his comics will also be exhibited by the well-known comic book creator Zoran Smiljanić, perhaps also better known under the pseudonym Vittorio de la Croce. We will leave some moments of the evening to the poet and the haiku fan of Milan Novak.

The opening will be spiced up with the swing rhythms of the Maribor swing group The Swingbrats, which will bring the audience back to the time of an almost forgotten dance genre, which today is experiencing a worldwide renaissance. Andrija Šulić-Šuljo, “fatbeatzzz” producer, will take care of the music part of the rest of the evening.

The event will continue with SWING in the evenings, at 9 pm, at the premises of the Club KMŠ. The Swingbrats and the band will fill the club with music and a people’s African-American dance from the first half of the 20th century, but they will be able to join the crowd and learn some dance steps. Join and dance in the swing rhythms of the night!

Wednesday. September 19th, 2012 at 16.00 and 19.00

“STORIES OF THE MIDDLE EAST” with a Turkish language workshop and a travelogue The Thousand and One Story of Iran
House Zahir

Again and again we are throbbing the imagination of the East. Somewhat distant and mysterious, wrapped in the veil of oriental spices and fragrances is tempting to us. We simply want to visit everybody and discover every gem of this part of our dress.

A gourmet-language workshop of Turkish language and cuisine will be held at the Zahir House, on Židovska Street 14, at an oriental ambience at 4 pm. Turkish native-speaker Neslihan Cecen, EVS volunteer of the Scientific Research Association EPEKA, will present a culture of tea and basic phrases and Turkish words in a fun and easy way.

In the evening, at 7 pm, we will host an acknowledged professor at the Faculty of Philosophy Maribor, a poet, writer, world traveler and president of the Vagant Travel Association, doc.dr. Dragan Potočnik, who will present Iran – the incredible land of a thousand and one story, where he lived and traveled for some time. With his story, photos and poetry, he will bring this undiscovered land to those who have not yet been able to visit.

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Do you want to learn some basic phrases in Turkish? Do you want to work with the native speaker? Perhaps you have a little understanding of the Turkish language, but you just want to improve it? Please sign up for a Turkish language workshop, which will take place on Wednesday, 19 September at 16:00 at the Zahir House. Workshop is free!

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Thursday, 20th of September at 4 pm (start of the workshop) and 8 pm (performance)

workshops and impro / stand up evening
KMŠ Club

For a new dose of laughter we will take care of the evening, which will be joined by a stand up comedy and an improvisational theater. Styling, which in their turn is only a matter of provoking laughter from the audience, are often unfairly equated. We will show you that there are two different genres that manage laughter in the modern world and compete with classical comedy.

In the afternoon, there will be a stand up workshop, which can be attended by creators who want to experiment with their skills, as well as people with no experience who would like to experience how to tell the most embarrassing moments on the stage or to remember the words in a second , acts, movements that will impress the audience. The workshop will be led by a recognized actress and stand up comedian Lucija Ćirović. It’s a great opportunity to get to know her secrets, which they certainly do not have, since in the field of stand up comedy has been working for many years.

At 8 pm, the workshop participants will leave the stage to professionals. For a good hour and a half they will be able to laugh at the appearance of Lucija Ćirović and the well-known Maribor improvising group Banda Ferdaman.

Application for the workshop:

Do you want to meet Lucija Ćirović in person? Find out her secrets? How to overcome the three? How did it become so successful? And get superb knowledge from it, which will help you in further creation? Here’s a great opportunity. Sign up for a stand up and comedy workshop that will take place on Thursday, September 20th, at 16.00 at the KMŠ Club. Workshop is free!

Applications are collected by e-mail:

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Number of places is limited! Hurry!

Friday, September 21, 2012 from 4 pm to 8 pm

EVERYBODY IS SLACK – workshop for walking on rope – slackline

Maribor City Park, at the beginning of the promenade on the left

Recreation, mental exercise, equilibrium therapy, form of yoga, social event – All this is a slackline. The Student Cultural Festival STUNF will be able to join the slackline workshop in the enjoyment of the last days of the summer, and offer curious spectators the opportunity to watch them walking “gurney” with respect and enthusiasm at the same time.

The term “ slackline ” comes from English and consists of two words – “ slack “, which is translated as “nenapet”, and “line“Which means” rope “,” belt “. It is a sport of equilibrium in which we use a dynamic, stretching rope which is between two fixed points, mostly in the trees. When an individual enters it, he tries to stay on it and, while moving, step by step, strikes a balance.

Slacklining is an interesting relaxation and excellent training, for top athletes as well as for recreational players and everyone who feels vital enough to walk on the rope. Due to its versatility, it is becoming an increasingly independent sport.

At the end of the day, there will also be a sports competition in walking along the rope, where we will be given the best prize-winning prizes! Applications for this workshop are not required.

Monday, September 24th, 2012 at 6 pm

Rotary club Maribor
round table and tour of the eye and ears of the video -videonadzor Sudana
Klub KMŠ

Tomo Križnar, devoted much of his life to raising the situation in Sudan , on his return from Sudan, will present his experience, experience and fresh information on the situation in Sudan at the STUNF festival.

We will begin the evening with the honorary awarding of the collected proceeds from charity to HOPE. In cooperation with EPeKo, Rotaract club Maribor and the Maribor Students’ Club, a charity haircut took place in June in various hairdressing salons, of which the amount that would normally be paid for hairdressing services, went to charity. The collected amount, EUR 1000, will be used by the humanitarian organization HOPE to buy miniature cameras to record extinction of people.

The evening will be followed by a round table and discussion with Tomo Križnar and viewing the film Eyes and ears of God – the video surveillance of Sudan, which is a collection of documented material by activist Tom Križnar from 1979-2012 on the disguised destruction of indigenous peoples in the area rich in natural resources: in the Nubian mountains , in Darfur, Abbey and the Blue Nile. The power of cameras serving the prosecution at the International Court of Justice in The Hague is shown as evidence of genocide in Sudan.

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 between 5:30 pm and 9:00 pm

“WINE AND POETRY” with young poets 
House of Old Town Lent

Tasting wine tasting for the opening of the evening, which will be a mark of wine and poetry. What can be a better start? And in order to remain the rest of the evening, we will be able to read poetry to get to know the top noble drops. The evening will turn into enjoying along the verses that will take you to dream places, a period of fervent love, the statement of the painful truth and the author’s private life. Your imagination, emotions and artworks will be shared with young poetic souls who have already participated in the KMŠ celebration at Prešeren’s Day, as well as poets and creators of literary and linguistic literature Liter Language.

Poets are creatures with hearts that fall in love with each other several times a day. They fall in love with lines, shapes, smells and sounds, and in the rainbow spectrum of gray clouds. With the evening of poetry, we will give young creators the opportunity to show the world the melody of their magic heartbeats and share what lies with them in the soul with other desirable dreamers.

The magazine Liter Language is created by students and students of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Maribor, which form rich literary and linguistic content, and with publications and presentations give the opportunity to young and uninvolved authors.

Poets and poets who will perform:
– Nina Ditmajer,
– Zorko Titan Light,
– Petra Kolmančič,
– Milan Novak,
– Zdravko Kokanovič Koki,
– Jan Šmarčan
– Jože Kos Grabar.

It is a Maribor middle and young poetry generation. Each of them guided his own poetic path. In addition to poetry, they also deal with other interesting things, which are also largely related to literature. And what are they writing about? Listen to them, you will not regret it. From erotic to criticism of society. From startling beginnings to interesting critical conclusions. From stroking, kissing ears to metaphorical earrings to the world.
With a glass and a song, you can join us at any time between 17:30 and 21:00.

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 at 15.30 and 19.00

“VINTAGE DAY” with the Be ECOol Workshop and the fashion magazine
Ropotarnica / Skrinja

Babice Gallery they carried them to the most elite events and hid them in their closets, now we are starting to return them to our daily expedition. Simply more, there is almost no young supporter who owns at least one vintage / retro hair stolen from the dusty cabinets by his grandmother, mother or aunt. Vintage culture grows rapidly among young people and young people at heart, and that’s why we decided to present a little bit of this at the Štunf Festival. So, through workshops and fashion shows, we will try to conjure memories of the spirit of the vintage / retro fashion.

In the Vinatage of the day, at first, at 15.30, there will be workshops “Be ECOol”, where vintage collar and vinatge-collar of necklaces from old shirts and textiles will be made. With the help of StyleMustDie and the Society Activate in the Old Clothes Exchange – Ropotarnici, on Koroška Road 39, they will make modern accessories and use the old pieces of clothing to honor the overloaded mass production of clothing. The workshop will also be able to test in making retro wreaths from flowers. We will also include some products in the evening event in the Skrinja gallery.

A fashion event – a fashion show that will be created in cooperation with the vintage / retro fashion lovers of StyleMustDie and creators of unique Špelce jewelry, will start at 19:00. If you join us, you and us can step back into time and feel the power of clothing, which is growing ever more so. The girls will be dressed in a fashion pajamas in clothes, which have become a real treasure over time, and will be accompanied by the rhythms of vintage music, which will be produced by Luke Markus on vinyl boards.

Login to the workshop:

Are you creative and want to process old clothes? Are you interested in vintage fashion? Sign up for the workshop “Be ECOol”, which will be held on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 15.30 in Ropotarnica (on Koroška cesta 39). Workshop is free!
Applications are collected by e-mail:

(Enter the application at the “Be ECOol” workshop , add your name, surname, contact number and contact e-mail )

Number of places is limited! Hurry!

Thursday, 27. 9. 2012 from 15.00 to 18.00 (cultural market) and at 22.00 (concert)

“INTERCULTURAL DIALOG” with the concert of the group THE GLOCKENWISE
platform above the Maribor market / MC Pekarna (Gustaf Hall)

Culture is rich, connects and thereby forms the way and the image of our lives. People travel the world to meet face to face with different cultures, and we will make sure that cultures come to you as part of the student cultural festival STUNF. With them you will be able to meet on the penultimate day of the festival from 3 pm on the upper platform of the Maribor market.

Within the framework of the Intercultural Dialogue, through the youth participation of students at exchanges and Slovenian students, presentations and promotions from many countries will take place, ensuring that you can leave cultural diversity through music, culinary arts, paintings and much more. We will also prepare polyglotte tables intended for those who will want to test the knowledge of foreign languages.

In the evening, at 2 pm, the event will be moved to MC Pekarna, more precisely in the Gustaf Hall, where boys from the rock group The Glockenwise from Portugal will take care of the unforgettable end of the day.

Friday, September 28, 2012 at 8 pm

“ENTERTAINMENT CONCLUSION” with the appearance of the crew VELEBOR (Mito, Emkej, Ghet, Mrigo) + MC Sunny Sun and OPEN MIC
Club KMŠ

After never enough full-scale culture we will nevertheless we have to say goodbye, which does not mean that the cultural entry stops at the festival, because culture is like a language, it is alive and it develops on a daily basis.

On the final day, the expert commission for haiku and comic competition will present the winner of the competition, who will be awarded with practical prizes at the end of the competition, and the festival will be concluded in rap rhythms with the appearance of Velebor band, which consists of the Maribor-Velenje concerts Mita, Emke, Gheta and Mrig and with the music of MC Sunny Sun.

In the city of Maribor, rap culture has become very strongly supported by local artists. A more prominent representative of this culture are Mito and Emkej, also a crew member of Tekochee Kru.

Mito is also known as Mighty-O, Majema Majti or Majti Mito. His solo debut was released in December 2011 under the title Egon. Egon is known for creative rhymes mixed with a mixture of new / old uderground sounds, hip hop, dub-step, produced by Andrija Šilić-Sulja. MK or Emkey on his solo career in the first “spekel” listeners “Smorno” with a lot of rough texts and an excellent combination of different creators (Mito, Sniki …) as the basis was also taken care of by Suljo. His solo production was upgraded with a second album this year, in collaboration with the coastal producer JK Soul, and he got the title “Know It”.

The Maribor part of the team will also be joined by the Velenje representative of hip hop Mrigo and Ghetto.

Mrigo aka Heezdeewon aka Mrigs Peace is a Velenje hip hop maker. In 2010 Mrigo, in collaboration with his colleague, Ghetto, recorded his second album MRIGZ’n’GHET HITZ. He is currently the co-leader of the radio show HIP HOP ZONA, which is broadcast every Tuesday at the radio station My Radio. Ghetto colleague started his journey in music as a regular member of the Velenje hip hop movement and in 2005 he officially presented himself for the first time on the composition of the project OwnOn LastOne.

During the concert there will also be an open mic, where veterans of the hip hop scene will encourage young artists to present their rhymes to a wider audience, thus enriching the events with greasy rhymes.

All performers since May this year have been participating in Wudisban Records.