Štunf creating . Štunf exploration . Štunf cooperation and understanding . New cultures , countries , sport , people , dance, music , art .

Therefore – collaborate , create , acknowledge !
On a busy two-week cultural festival events Štunf students that this year in cooperation with the Association organizes ŠKIS Maribor’s Student Club ( www.klub-kms.si ) .

Through a diverse program will be young and young at heart to participate in various creative ways of expression in the area and thereby promote art and culture among young people . Students and the rest we want to show that culture can exceed all limits and that the quality thereof is not limited to the years and status. Events will take place in a diverse range of locations from the Club KMŠ and galleries chest , all the way to the upper plateau of Maribor’s market , lumber and City Park .

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Admission to all events and workshops are FREE !
At the workshop it is necessary only login! ( Stunf@klub-kms.si )

The tradition of the project goes back to 12 years ago , although its organization Maribor’s Student Club care for the first time . The festival takes place every year under the auspices of skis , which combines student clubs and via a call for one of them to organize a cultural festival Štunf . The project started in 2000 in Škofja Loka , then it was implemented in Nova Gorica , ruler of Carinthia , Koper, Kranj , Novo mesto , Laško , Hrastnik Sežani and Ajdovščina. Last year it was held in Štunf Ormožu .

Štunf idea of the festival is to create a project dedicated to the expression , a constant flow of new ideas and currents of thought in the field of art and culture . Through he seeks Association Skis to offer young people and youth who bear with them the support and encouragement of cultural and artistic activity.

Since we wanted new ways of creating and implementing ideas to bring to the streets of Maribor , we have this year undertaken the organization of the festival Štunf Klub Maribor students . We are confident that we have prepared a varied program , which will be interesting for a wider and different populations .